Internet Law

The law of the Internet involves both trademark and copyright law. Domain names are subject to trademark law. If a domain names functions as a trademark, distinctively identifying the source or sponsorship of goods or services, it can be federally registered with the USPTO. Both federally registered trademarks and unregistered domain names capable of being federally protected are subject to protection under the federal Lanham Act. Additionally, there are several administrative procedures available to challenge use of an infringing domain name. The content of websites, including text, graphics and computer systems, is protected by the law of copyright. If a third party reproduces, distributes, or publicly displays protected elements of a copyrighted work, liability under the Copyright Act may exist.

Lee Anne LeBlanc has delved into numerous intellectual property issues created by the use of the Internet and has protected and enforced clients’ trademarks and copyrights where unauthorized usage has occurred on the Internet.

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