Whatever your mind can conceive, where that concept can be reduced to a unique tangible expression, the resulting expression can be protected and traded through intellectual property law.

Intellectual Property Law Documents

The Law Office of Lee Anne LeBlanc, P.A. focuses exclusively on the development, registration and enforcement of intellectual property and the related contractual transactions including complex licensing. Intellectual property law includes trademarks, service marks, copyright and trade secret protection.

Trademarks ® are a source indicator for products. In time, they become associated with the high quality of the product with which they are associated and they become a shortcut in consumer purchasing decisions. The consumer associates the brand name with the high quality product it represents. Service Marks indicate the source of a service rather than goods; business names and domain names are service marks. Selection of a strong and protectable trademark is a critical business decision.

Copyright © protection applies to various forms of original expression including literary works, artwork, audio visual works and computer source code. Copyrights reside in the author of the work upon creation. Registration is an important aspect to enforcement of exclusive copyrights.

Trade Secrets are those aspects of intellectual property which are not publicly registered or published. A trade secret is a formula, process, or compilation of information that is not generally known and gives the owner an advantage over competitors. Intellectual property is a valuable asset of any business.

Agreements involving intellectual property transactions include the assignment or licensing of trademarks and copyrights, non-compete agreements, confidentiality agreements, and work-for-hire agreements.

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